“Where to start? I was raised on all the worst foods to eat and continued into adulthood. When I started eating ‘healthy’ it turns out I wasn't! Juli is an empowering guide with a depth of knowledge and understanding of food on a scientific level that jaws dropped in our class! Her explanations are easy to follow and understand, she puts no pressure on you and is encouraging 100% of the time. She keeps in contact with the group and has a very resourceful FB page I visit often. I feel SO much better after learning how to use food as medicine! I cannot thank Juli enough. This RESTART class is so fabulous. What a life changer. What a life SAVER. I’ll be back.” - Diane

“The RESTART program literally changed my life. The amount of knowledge, caring, and encouragement I got and STILL get from my leader is a constant source of inspiration to me. I never even knew how bloated, sluggish and foggy I was feeling until I lived WITHOUT all of those things. Eating a diet of nutrient dense whole foods has significantly improved so many aspects of my life. Forever grateful to have found the RESTART program and Julianne of course!!” - Amy

“I never actually believed I could live without sugar and processed foods for 21 straight days on the RESTART program. I was even at the beach with sugar/processed food eating/drinking relatives during part of the 2nd week. It was a challenge - especially when they came back from the store one night with ‘multiple bags’ of my favorite desserts and proceeded to display them all ‘buffet style’ on the kitchen island. But I did it!!

”Also, I haven't cooked since my adult children moved away 20 years ago, and I am seldom home due to a very active lifestyle. Learning to plan, shop, prep, and prepare healthy foods is a whole new process for me, but I'm getting there. Even when I eat out (far less than before) I am very cognizant of my food choices.

”Jul's RESTART program is a powerful source of information and well worth the time for anyone interested in learning how to eat healthier.” - Sharon

“I thought I was a pretty healthy person- didn’t have much of a sweet tooth, ate whole grains when I could, almost never had fast food, worked out regularly, etc. Little did I know that the things I was eating were actually NOT as healthy as I thought! Juli blew my mind with how much knowledge she had to share about nutrition including on a scientific level, myths about food that I had believed for a long time, and is generous in providing examples, recipes, and resources to support healthy diet changes based on specific likes/dislikes. The sugar detox was intimidating at first when I learned what all ‘sugar’ included. But the difference it has made in my life is remarkable. I feel more energized, I don’t feel starving at 10am anymore, can easily say no to sweets at work, and I even have less nerve pain from Lyme disease years ago. But I have also had fun enjoying all the new RESTART recipes and changing some of my old ones based on my new way of looking at food. I just can’t say enough about how much Juli and the RESTART program changed my life, but more so I feel it is a change for the better that I can maintain for a long time.” - Lauren

"Lose weight, diet, and exercise.... This is all I have heard for the past 20 years.  My Primary Care Physician could tell me no more. I was hesitant, but hopeful when we discovered RESTART and Julianne's enthusiastic invitation to hear something different.

"I have never paid any attention to what I eat, if it is served, I clean my plate, if I like it, I'll eat more.

"RESTART provided me with information about nutrition, but my favorite part was understanding how the body processes different foods that I choose to eat.  For the first time I began to understand digestion and experiment with food in a way that provided almost immediate results and I began to experience the differences in my body's reaction to food choices.  After this 5 week program, I now understand what to eat and why it is good for me.  I am still learning, we travel often and I now have to change old reflex reactions and find new solutions to food choices, but I feel empowered to make good choices that will keep me healthy. The best part is that adherence to healthy eating with RESTART is not hard to do!

"Everyone can learn something profound through RESTART that will make you happier, healthier and much better informed on how to nourish your body for the rest of your life.  Jul is the perfect facilitator of this information sharing and awakening of how to eat!"  - Doug

"RESTART was a wonderful experience for me.  I was skeptical at first about joining the class but I am very glad I did!  I learned a lot about health and food choices.  I learned what I was really eating in a lot of processed foods and how it was affecting my body.  I had been trying to cut out sugar and follow a  healthier lifestyle.  Julianne was a great teacher and truly cares about each person who she works with.  She is readily available to answer questions and talk about any issues we may be having.  I am thankful I met Julianne Benson as she has changed my way of thinking about food and what I put into my mouth and how it affects my mind and body.  This is a class that will benefit everyone." - Ramona, VA

"In January 2018 I did the RESTART program with my adult son and two of my personal training clients. I have been in health and fitness for 30 years and have not personally been willing to try any other nutrition program. This is a well run, solid, real food education and program. I was thoroughly impressed and wowed by Julianne's control and leadership of the material and class. The material itself was life changing not quick fixes. The group setting was fun and encouraging. It truly would help anyone at any stage of life or weight. I am fit and healthy but needed to tweak certain specific aspects of my diet and this was the help I needed. I also wanted to see how doable the program was for my clients. I would highly recommend RESTART and Julianne to anyone." - Jenn, VA

"Juls RESTART Class is excellent!  You learn in an easy to understand way ~ exactly what you need to do to be healthy and why.  When you do what you are supposed to do you really feel the difference in your body.  Incredible!  Juls is naturally caring, enthusiastic and her continued support is very motivating.   The group dynamic is very supportive and motivating.  I met very nice people in my group and my aches and pains were almost completely gone after just 2 weeks of strictly following the program.  I definitely recommend this program for everyone!  Thank you Julianne Benson." - Anonymous, VA

"The RESTART Program was fabulous!  The difference in my heartburn issues was dramatic when I stayed on the program vs when I veered off track even a little!" - DK, VA

"How could I possibly reach my age and not know the basics of digestion and nutrition! The program is called 'RESTART', but I call it 'Wake-up'! In the most delightful and personable manner, Julianne enlightened our small group of strangers on the destructive and addictive cycles of sugar. Suddenly, we united as survivors, sharing organic secrets in texts and in confidential confessions around the table...it was amazingly helpful AND it was so much fun!! Forget the diets of a thousand years; the answer was suddenly so simple...'HEALTH'!  All those years of problems could be resolved by the discoveries of understanding our bodies, how they work, what they need, and what hurts basic health.  Julianne Benson is powerful and articulate as your personal guide throughout the brief course, in follow up texts, and always as a one-on-one coach. The dynamics of everyone around the table noting failures, successes, and discoveries actually made the colorful pages of the curriculum leap into my memory. I get it! Now I know! And try as my old habits might want me to...I am not the same.  I shop different, I eat different, I drink different and hopefully, soon I hope, I will look different.  The old cookie monster now longs to be vibrant and healthy...what a concept!  And to think this has all happened because a dear friend said to me: "Would you like to join me for a few weeks learning about nutrition?"  Thank God I said, 'Yes!'

"If that miracle moment finds you too, say 'Yes'...and you will find the "real you" inside of the 'old you'...healthy and happy once again.  I loved this course! You will too; I promise."  - Peg, VA

“The RESTART program has changed my thinking and my life.  I am so much healthier and I feel great!  Juls changed my thinking about food forever.” - Chloe

"After years of eating poorly, I was able to avail myself of Julianne's expertise and guidance.  She has infinite knowledge of the interaction of how what we eat and drink impacts our mental, emotional, and physical health.  Julianne possesses the ability to make the complex, simple.  Moreover, she guides one with understanding.  As a result of my relationship with Julianne and Your Temple Wellness,  I am feeling more confident about the choices I make. " -  Jerolene

“Just had my annual physical. Forty… count ‘em… FORTY point drop in my cholesterol!!! My [A1C] sugar level dropped 30% and I’m down 8 pounds, too! I know I couldn’t have done it without your support!” - Betsy

“RESTART is a great beginning to a new healthy journey.  The information you learn is priceless!” - Cathy

“My main goal in RESTART was to lose weight but I now enjoy eating healthy. Love the bacon!” - Maria

"I thought I knew a lot about healthy eating!  Jul’s RESTART program brought my knowledge up to another level and as a result, I’ve been able to make some positive changes in how I shop, prepare and eat (and chew). RESTART has also helped me to be more conscious of my choices, whether at home where I have more control, or away from home.  It has also helped me to get out of a cooking rut and has created new enthusiasm for learning more recipes and new ways to prepare food.  Taking this class in a group was also a bonus because of the power of sharing among participants.  And, Jul is a most knowledgeable nutritionist & enthusiastic teacher!  I certainly recommend this course!" - Janet"

"I participated in The RESTART program taught by Juli Benson, owner of Your Temple Wellness.   The program entails your undertaking a 21-day sugar detox, and you also keep a food diary and monitor how you feel after you finish eating. 

I did start this program with some basic knowledge.   In the past, I’ve tried to eliminate sugar, eat organic foods, and avoid processed foods. This program was everything I heard it would be. I lost about 7 pounds.  I learned so much about establishing healthy habits now, as it will serve me well as I age.  Also, prepping your meals for the week on Sunday and Wednesday is an effective way to get organized. 

"Juli is very knowledgeable! Participating in the class was something I really looked forward to and enjoyed.  Being in a group setting lends itself to support and Juli was there for us every step of the way by posting, texting, and emailing us information to aid us in our journey.  Juli really knows her stuff and you can consult with her both individually and confidentially, too.

"I love the saying in The RESTART Program…. Whatever I eat, I choose it consciously, I enjoy it thoroughly and then I let it go!" - Karen

“As I’ve gotten older, I had begun experiencing daily joint pain as well as weight gain.  Thinking these were part of the “aging process”, I accepted these as the new normal.  I also tried following Weight Watchers low fat diet with little success in losing weight.  Through the RESTART program of eating whole foods, healthy fats, no sugar and low carbs, I have no joint pain and have easily lost the few pounds gained over the years.  I am a believer in RESTART!” - Patricia

“RESTART will help you find balance and keep your energy level even all day! NO 3pm slump!” - Dana

“RESTART is very educational!  Everyone should take this class at least once ~ it will be life changing!”  - Julie

"This program and Jul were fabulous!  I have a ton of energy, my skin glows and I have lost weight.  My family is also healthier and has benefited from RESTART.  Wonderful program." -  Barb

"Julianne is a top-notch instructor and nutritionist.  Her encouragement, enthusiasm, follow-through and level of knowledge were of the highest caliber.  I recommend her highly." - Tory

“The RESTART Program was one of the most informative and educational courses I've ever taken and the instructor teaching class was and IS top-notch. Jul Benson ran a 5-week program for a group of 6 attendees and she was a wealth of information and really knew her stuff. This is a class that anyone who is interested in learning how to eat, shop and stay healthy should take, especially for teaching young ones (and old) in the house. It is a very scientific approach to why some of us suffer from body aches, stomach problems, sleep disorders, mood swings, weight gain, etc. The class showed me how to improve my health simply by educating and monitoring my food choices. It was an amazing class. I went from body aches to no aches within this 21 day sugar detox, even though I had some slip ups. I have learned to make better choices not only for weight control, but also for my overall health. I want to stay fit going into my later years and remain active and healthy. This is most definitely a course everyone should take at least once.” - Julie

“I am writing this to let you know how much your Restart class has impacted my health and my life overall.  As you know, I’m a dentist and we had plenty of medical education in school.  However, one subject that was seriously lacking was nutrition.  I learned so much from you during the class!  (And that’s coming from a guy who thought he already knew everything – you know doctors.)  Since I’ve cut out sugar from my life and adopted the changes you teach, I have experienced the following benefits:

1.    My restless legs syndrome is 95% gone.  This is huge!
2.    Joint aches and backaches are about 90% gone.
3.    My feet don’t hurt anymore when I walk.
4.    I’ve lost 17 lbs.
5.    I feel and look better.
6.    I sleep better.
7.    I can eat bacon (and anything) without guilt!!

"Thank you for teaching me the truth about food and nutrition.  Bacon is MEAT CANDY!!!" - Rick

“GREAT program!  I believe the benefits will continue to accrue going forward.” - Carol

"RESTART helped me to change my eating habits and I lost 17 pounds!  Inflammation has gone away!" -  Tracy

"Thank you Julianne.  You are a fabulous instructor, coach and supporter.  Your passion for this topic is so clear and you share so genuinely with others.  You are making a wonderful contribution through your work!" -  Nancy

"I would highly recommend RESTART and particularly Jul Benson as the instructor.  She is not only a gifted and knowledgeable teacher but also a great encourager.  I am recommending this program to everyone I know.  Many are considering it."  - Patti

"Jul did an extraordinary job at leading us through RESTART!  She helped us understand digestion, blood sugar,  fats and the value of the program.  She gave us consistent positive feedback and responded to all our questions and /or concerns quickly and knowledgeably.  I lost 5 pounds on the program and my sugar cravings stopped!" - Robyn

"Thank you again for a most wonderful session.  I learned so much and am so impressed with your knowledge and ability to zero in on the issues.  In addition to the wealth of knowledge and education, you gave me hope that there are still very doable improvements I can make that might help my health improve through dietary and lifestyle changes.  I so appreciate your thoroughness.  Thank you so much!" - Robin

“The benefits of good healthy fats in the diet kept me from getting hungry.” - Sara

“Juli makes this an enjoyable learning experience for a complete lifestyle change in your diet with plenty of support.”  - Suzanne

“I was surprised at how much sugar I was eating, and had how it was negatively affecting my body. RESTART completely changed the way I look at food and how I feel about my body. I highly recommend this program!” - Melanie

"Julianne Benson was wonderful to work with. She was patient, thorough and extremely knowledgeable about my health concerns.  She helped me understand the importance of health to my body, soul and spirit.  It's hard these days to find a health care professional that cares about the total person but Julianne does! I am extremely thankful to have found her!" - Paula

“I enjoyed the RESTART class so much I want my entire family to take the class!” - Kim

“RESTART is a real life changer ~ in cooking, buying and prepping real food.  Persevere ~ it is worth it!” - Jo Ann

"I was the beneficiary of Julianne Benson’s deep understanding of the science of nutrition and how it promotes health and well-being!  She addressed imbalances in my body with state-of-the-art tools and had a thorough understanding of how to improve my overall health and wellness.  Her impressive holistic approach resulted in a personalized plan specifically tailored to my needs.   She has shown me the power of healing through sound nutrition, proper supplementation and lifestyle change.  I experienced results almost immediately and will be forever grateful! What greater gift can someone receive than the gift of health?  I highly recommend Julianne Benson!!" - Sherri

"I came to Julianne Benson with numerous health issues . MycobacteriumAvium Complex (lung issue) MAC, Celiac Disease (gluten issue) and Osteoporosis.

"MAC causes malabsorption as well as loss of appetite and weight loss. People with Celiac cannot eat gluten so I am challenged with a limited diet. Julianne was not intimidated by my combination of health issues and has helped me immensely by designing a very specific nutritious diet to help build my immune system and add weight. Julianne is available for questions and always gives a quick response.

"I would highly recommend Your Temple Wellness. Julianne is a wealth of knowledge and is very committed to improving the health and well being of her clients." - Suzanne 

“If you do nothing else for your health, do The RESTART Program. If you want to feel better, more alive, more happy, more purposeful – allow your body the space and time it needs to heal you from the inside out.” - Mindi

“Jul is passionate about RESTART!  She loves sharing her knowledge about nutrition with all her students.  She encourages all of us to stick with the program.  Jul’s energy is contagious.  Great teacher!” - Pat 

“I now understand what I need to heal myself and my family. This class changed my attitude towards food and health. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time, I highly recommend taking RESTART.” - Melissa

“I’d been trying to lose weight for months. The Restart Program helped me not just lose weight (finally) but change some bad habits. It taught me to be more aware of what I was eating and how to better balance my meals.” 

“I joined the RESTART Program in January of 2017 and I noticed a difference in my health after two weeks of implementing this approach to nutrition.   In particular, I noticed an uptick in energy and significantly less pain in my joints. The food was incredibly tasty and easy to prepare.   Juli Benson is an excellent coach who imparts the information in an encouraging and informative manner.   I enjoyed the program so much that I participated again to reinforce what I had learned the first time around.   Take the course and learn how the food you consume every day impacts every aspect of your health!”  - Louise

“The education you receive re: food is so valuable ~ how what you eat effects your body and mind.”  - Jill

"I learned so much in the RESTART Program like how some foods make me feel achy and cause inflammation.  Important stuff." - RR, VA

"RESTART was a great experience for me.  I finally learned the science behind food and how your body digests food.  Julianne made the class a lot of fun. And, she shared a ton of information on the types of foods that are good to eat.  It has been wonderful not being lured into eating sugar and carbs on a regular basis.  Thanks so much for helping me get on track." - Meghan

"I was offered an opportunity to take the 21 sugar detox RESTART program and it is everything and more, spot on of what I have learned throughout the years all bundled up into one big conclusion.   If my sugar is low, which meant curtailing the breads, the rice, the cereals, the everything that sugar entails, I feel better. It is everything and more that I have learned throughout the years.  The info was spot on and completely made sense.  To know that I can add back my yummy healthy fats, my MAYO, my heavy creams, etc.... and not feel deprived! That's amazing.

"It's on me to be consistently eating better, and I'm not always on the up and up. If I give in to the foods I know hurt me, I just get back to my healing foods the next day.   So far, I have been consistent, I have good days, some better, some awesome and I feel so much better when I eat "clean" which means low sugars and higher healthy fats.  When I do, I'm not hungry, I don't crave the sugar and I feel really good.   

"That's where I am this day at 47 years old,  a bootcamp instructor,  feeling great and still full of energy!

"Thank you Julianne for keeping my eyes open and still giving me vital information on this very confusing world of eating!" - Christy